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Construction Photography

Photography for construction, civil engineering, building and development companies.

Northlight Images are one of the UK’s premier architectural photographers, providing you with a range of internal and external construction and property related photography services throughout the UK.

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Your work – in detail

Working with construction companies – large or small – sub-contractors and civil engineering consultants, we offer top quality images of your specific services or products to use in your brochures and publicity material.

When you want a professional photographer to document construction projects, give us a call… Contact us and see how we can help

Whether you need consistently good images for works progress reports or a portfolio of shots to promote new housing developments, landmark buildings, architectural projects and interior design schemes – we can help.

Based in the UK Midlands

Northlight Images is based in Leicester in the UK East Midlands (Northampton, Nottingham and Derby), but covers the whole UK, having worked from Cornwall to Scotland.

For international assignments we work with companies with a significant UK presence.

Why you need a specialist photographer

See our free guide to using the right professional photographer

Why you should use us for your photography

Premium value for your business.

> No hidden costs – our rates

Clear and unambiguous pricing to suit businesses of all sizes.

The guide to our rates covers individual ‘one off’ assignments. For extended projects, please do ask for a quote, since we’re happy to provide ‘all-in’ rates for work spread out over a period of construction work.

> Creative quality

Whether on our own or working with designers and agencies, we get the images that work for your business.

> Rapid service – flexible timing

You can usually have your images supplied within just a couple of days of the shoot – sometimes sooner.

Photos can be taken during normal working or ‘out of hours’. We know that site schedules can change, and can factor this into our work for you.

> Surveying background/health and safety

As a former geologist, with a surveying background, Keith Cooper is used to working on busy sites and always puts safety first. We always carry out a full risk assessment before arriving on site and are fully equipped with PPE.

We only cover commercial photographic work and are fully covered by appropriate insurances, with Public Liability cover up to £5 million.

NOTE: on investigation we have discovered that the CSCS card/scheme is no longer applicable to non construction-related occupations and so fully expect to undertake a full health and safety briefing and if necessary be accompanied whilst on active sites

> Images that work for you

The pictures you choose should not only convey the message you want them to give, but technically should be fit for purpose. Our wide expertise, standard image processing and free post production advice, will ensure your images can be used how you intended.

> Image retouching

A full image retouching (Photoshop) service is available if needed.

We know that not every site can be cleaned up for photography – just ask what we can do for you.

> Advanced technology

Our principal photographer, Keith, Cooper is a renowned writer and writes extensively about the latest photographic techniques and technologies. He works with many of the photography industry’s largest companies testing new, advanced professional products. You can be sure we use only the latest cameras, software and hardware and are fully up to date with the newest and most advanced techniques.

With a wide range of highly specialised lenses we offer our clients a broad choice of technically excellent, creative and eye-catching images.

We love a creative technical challenge and regularly produce images that leave other professionals wondering just how we created them.

More examples of what we can do

There are hundreds of examples of our work on the site covering some of the specialist photography you have available for your business.

The built environment

See many more photos and examples of our work for clients, on our new specialist micro-site for photography of the built environment.

Extremely high resolution and panoramic

Extremely detailed images – our high resolution images are ideal for very large prints and computer simulation backgrounds.

Some of our high resolution panoramic wide photography (Gigapixel) images have exceeded twenty gigabytes per file.

We’ve some examples here that include ultra high resolution images that you can pan and zoom.

Brochures and annual reports

From initial site investigation and groundworks right through construction, handover and buildings in use, Northlight images can to document your entire building project for both commercial and residential developments.

Our photos are also widely used for PR and Annual reports. For development projects, our high quality images are often used in brochures and promotional materials. As specialist commercial photographers, we work closely with architects, project management, contractors and agencies to ensure our images are always supplied to meet your needs, whether for web or print use.

Large prints from our work

Large fine art quality prints of your photographs – we can use our exhibition quality print making skills to create fine art prints of your images for your offices and meeting rooms.

See our commercial prints page for more examples.

This includes our high resolution and panoramic photography.

Heritage photography

Heritage Architecture – Photography for heritage, documentary and restoration work.

This includes detailed geometric transformations (rectification) for images and accurate survey photography.

Leicester photos

There are examples of our local photography on the Leicester Photos page on this site.

If you were looking for stock photos of Leicester, the we now have a separate photo gallery site with many hundreds of photos available for licensing.