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Canon printer news, updates and rumours

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Canon printer news, updates and rumours

Canon printer information

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All our latest information and rumours about new Canon printer related items.

Where we have more informatiom about a specific printer model, it will go on that printer’s information and review pages as well.

Keith has written detailed reviews covering many of these printers, such as the iPF6300 (right) the Pixma PRO range and Pixma 9500 mk2 (below).

Testing the Canon PRO
Canon large format printer

Latest Canon printer information

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Canon printer timeline

05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 2018 2019 2020 2021
- - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
44" 12 ink [CO]                        PRO-4000  PRO-4100
12 ink          iPF8100  iPF8300  iPF 8400                  
24" 12 ink [CO]                        PRO-2000  PRO-2100
12 ink          iPF6100  iPF6300  iPF6400                  
17" 12 ink [CO]                          PRO-1000    
12 ink          iPF5100                  
12 ink [CO] PRO-1        
10 ink [CO] PRO-10 PRO-300
10 ink Pro 9500 Pro9500 mark II              
8 ink PRO-100 PRO-200
Pro9000 Pro9000 mark II                    

Dates for the start of new models are announcement dates. Canon have had significant variations in launch and availability dates around the world, and have carried on selling superseded models.

Links are to detailed reviews of the printers (for 44" reviews see the 24" versions).

2021 May

2nd I’m getting a steady stream of queries relating to shortages of the PRO-1000 and enquiring about a replacement.

Well, I do seriously expect something later this year (I’ve been wrong before!), but at the moment I’ve no knowledge about when it might be announced.

There are ongoing shortages in printers and supplies availability for both Epson and Canon here in the UK. A combination of covid knock-on effects to global logistics systems and the ‘Exciting New Opportunities™’ of brexit :-(


19th The Canon PRO-200 review is published.

I’ve several videos to go along with this, including a Canon PRO-200 vs PRO-300 comparison

If you know my reviews, then you’ll know I never normally do comparisons, but the differences between these two are interesting, and the PRO-200 is actually a better option for some print types.

2020 December

10th Just starting the testing of a new Canon PRO-200



25th I’m getting regular enquiries about a replacement for the PRO-1000. Whilst it will eventually happen, I’ve no idea when, other than a suggestion that roll paper may finally be supported again at 17″ width (last with the rather nice iPF5100 which I tested almost 10 years ago).


22nd Canon UK launch the PRO-200 – we will have one for a review, when available.

Info page: Canon PRO-200 (with detailed specs)


3rd Canon Australia are quick off the mark, announcing the PRO-200 (PRO-100 replacement) before any other Canon regions. – I’ll add updates as I find them

Press info

Sydney, AUSTRALIA – 27 August 2020: Canon Australia today strengthens its range of inkjet printers with the addition of a new A3+ professional photo desktop printer – the PIXMA PRO-200, and two new home office all-in-one devices – PIXMA Home Office TR8660 and PIXMA Home Office TR7660. Offering high-speed and high-quality outputs in compact bodies, each of the fit-for-purpose printers are designed to easily fit into any professional setting, aligning with new remote working, learning and creating lifestyles.


PIXMA PRO-200 – enhanced colour and higher black density via new inks
Designed to meet the needs of professional and enthusiast photographers, the compact PIXMA PRO-200 A3+ professional photo desktop printer expands the range of colour reproduction achieved by its highly acclaimed predecessor – the PIXMA PRO-100S – while realising the same superb printing capabilities and configurations.

The PIXMA PRO-200’s enhanced range of colour reproduction is achieved via a new 8-colour dye ink system which enables high-image quality and high-productivity printing of artistic photographs. The newly developed magenta and black ink contribute to an expanded colour gamut for reds and blues and more faithful reproduction of blacks while also improving black densities.

The PIXMA PRO-200 pairs its capability to efficiently print standard high-grade A3+ bordered colour prints in approximately 1 min 30 secs1 with improved media capabilities. This includes the ability for professional photographers to print on a range of photo paper surfaces and finishes up to 0.6mm thickness in addition to producing panorama size prints and gallery wrap support functions.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with professional print workflows, the PIXMA PRO-200 is compatible with Canon’s Professional Print & Layout PC software which enables faithful reproduction of photos captured using EOS series2 cameras. What’s more, the PIXMA PRO-200 supports various software and application extensions including the Media Configuration Tool PC software utility, and image editing software such as Digital Photo Professional and Adobe Photoshop, providing strong support for the printing of high-quality works of art while increasing productivity and enhancing workflows.

Looks like the same case as the PRO-300 I recently reviewed.

I have a some videos featuring the PRO-300



15th If we’re seeing an update to the PRO-1000 then I’ll be very surprised if it’s in 2020. From all I know, the PRO-300 is it for bigger photo printers this year.

I’ve also added another PRO-300 article

10th I’ve just published info about Canon’s PRO-10 replacement, the PRO-300

Sorry I couldn’t update stuff here, but I’ve got one in my kitchen, which I’ve been looking at for the last few weeks, for a long review.

All the info:



3rd The current and likely worldwide manufacturing issues may well delay the release of some products and mean that supplies are limited when they do appear. With Epson Japan announcing the P600 and P800 replacements, what’s next from Canon?

Our best bet at the moment is that Canon will start with a Pro10S replacement in a few months, quite possibly to have been featured at Photokina in May, but with trade shows and the like delayed/cancelled, timings will be up in the air. The original PRO-10 was launched in September 2012 (scroll right down the page to see some of the older Canon printer launches).

Other printer updates are less certain, but look too for the Pro-1 to get a makeover and finally see some form of roll paper support to arrive with Canon desktop printers. The PRO-1000 replacement should finally get the roll paper support that’s been lacking since the 17″ iPF5100 although once again, updates could be pushed back.

2019 October

11th A video about the new printers.

10th There appears to be new versions of the PRO-2/4/6000 printers, The PRO-2100/PRO-4100/PRO6100 seem mostly to have addressed aspects of paper handling and printing capacity, with little mention of any changes specifically affecting print quality.

See the PRO-2100/4100/6100 page for more info.

Available in 12 colour and 8 colour ‘S’ models.


More info to follow as we find it…

3rd Yay, at last…

The latest firmware update for the PRO-1000 increases the max page length to 120cm and ups the media settings limit from 25 to 35.

The max paper length takes the  widest aspect ratio prints up to ~1:2.8 somewhat better for panoramic printing


4th In the UK, Canon are running a series of printer promotions (PRO-10/100/1000)

Note that the PRO-10 amd PRO-1000 deals expire on the 17th of October…


31st No update news whatsoever – I’ve had quite a few people ask about forthcoming announcements and I’ve heard nothing.

I note that the PRO10 and PRO 100 were both mid September announcements, and the PRO-1 and PRO-1000 were October announcements.

A look at the timeline shows the PRO-1 dating back to 2011, the PRO-10/100 dating back to 2012 and the PRO-1000 2015

All have paper length/margin ‘issues’ to some extent (YMMV), even though they are great printers from an image quality POV.

So, will I be seeing a range of new Canon printers, by next year’s Photography show in the UK (14-17th March)?

I’m minded to think that we may see something in the 13″ category, but a 17″ PRO-1000 update? rather less so (especially with roll support).

If I needed a 17″ printer now, my choices are still the PRO-1000 from Canon or the P800 / P5000 from Epson.


22nd Ever since I first reviewed the PRO-1000, the page length limit has been its Achilles heel (for some). I know people who’ve gone for the P800 or even P5000, purely because of it – Oh, and some who went for a PRO-2000, so Canon didn’t entirely miss out ;-)

I’ve seen it suggested that this problem may be addressed in the next month or two – either another firmware update, or a PRO-1000 replacement…

It’s been suggested that the updated large format printer we heard of could be for the 5 colour iPF670 [Canon] This is a printer I’ve never seen or tried.


The replacement TM-200 is still 5 colour – here’s the ‘full everything’ model, with stand and scanner along the top.

The Canon imagePROGRAF TM-200 is a 24 inch/A1, 5-colour large format printer with 2GB standard memory. Other printers in the Canon imagePROGRAF TM Series include the TM-205, with a 500 GB hard disk, the TM-300, a 36 inch/A0 version and the TM305, a 36-inch/A0 with a 500 GB hard disk. There are also multi-function printing/scanning solutions available, including the TM-200 MFP L24ei, the TM-300 MPF L36ei, and the TM-300/TM-305 MFP T36.

Canon details [PDF]


However… This was actually announced last year – so the rumour could yet be for something new.

11th Is it that time already? We’ve had mention of a significant update to come to the Canon imagePrograf range of large format printers.

A look at the timeline shows it’s some three and a half years since the PRO-2000 was announced.  I wouldn’t expect significant external cosmetic changes, more along lines of the iPF6300 -> iPF6400 evolution.


30th Canon’s latest financial reports (see main Canon info page) show a decline in the camera side of the business, but a relatively flat performance from print (all areas). Whilst information for camera systems is quite specific, the notes for inkjet printing seem somewhat anodyne.

In 2018, despite growth in emerging markets from the expansion of refillable ink tank models, the overall market was slightly down due to continued print volume decline in developed economies. In 2019, we expect the trend to be the same. In 2018, although our unit sales declined overall, we posted significant growth for refillable ink tank models in emerging markets thanks to new products that were launched at the beginning of the year. As for 2019, we aim to grow faster than the market, stepping up already active investment into sales in emerging markets in such areas as further strengthening our sales support activity with mass merchandisers and authorized shops.

Additionally, at the end of 2018, we launched our first inkjet-based MFDs targeting the business market, where we expect even more demand for consumables. The new products not only operate at high speeds of 50 sheets per minute, but also require close to no maintenance, contributing to significant reduction in overall costs for users. We aim to tap new users, targeting medium- to small- size businesses that prioritize high-speed, low-cost high-volume printing.

A few more clues in the ‘Office’ side of things

The digital commercial printing market continues to grow, driven by ongoing demand for high-mix, small-lot printing. Within this trend, we are seeing particularly strong growth in the graphic arts market, which includes the printing of posters and catalogs. We have launched several new products in this market that have earned high praise from customers not only for their high image quality but also for their ability to handle a broad range of media and for their high productivity. This has resulted in continued steady sales.

Additionally, at the end of 2018 we launched the LabelStream 4000 for the package printing market. This market continues to grow at a rate of about 20%, largely thanks to label printing demand. This new product offers such productivity advantages as high print speed. This year, we will commence full-fledged sales and work to ensure this product contributes to sales overall.

From a sales perspective, in Europe, we will also start a full-fledge roll-out of a sales structure that has been successful in growing sales in North America. In response to diversifying customer needs, we will promote further penetration of new products through this type of fine-tuned customer support.

Of course, just what all this mens in terms of products to use for printing remains unclear…

2018 December

23rd In the UK I’ve heard of someone trying to get a Canon PRO-1 fixed, and being told there were none of the required parts available. So, is this a sign of an impending replacement?

I’ve just created a basic Canon printer timeline (Above -with review links) that shows just how old the PRO-1 is.

I suspect we won’t get to see any update soon, but there are plenty of trade shows for announcements coming up.


21st Unfortunately the Canon iPF wiki site seems to have closed recently, but it’s still available at archive.og

Here’s a link to the front page in May 2018:


20th Last week I spent some time at Canon UK’s Birmingham showroom testing the TX-3000 for a review.

Whilst it’s aimed at the CAD/graphics market, I wanted to have a look at how good this 4 colour printer was for photo prints. [click to enlarge]

woodland print

TX-3000, with my Macbook driving it (PRO-4000 to the left) … Not at all bad it turns out – full review later this week

2017 November

17th Canon have announced several printers aimed at the CAD/GIS/Poster market. The TX-2000 and TX-4000 (24″ and 44″)  are CMYK pigment ink printers (5 colour MBK/BK/C/M/Y).

As you can see, it’s pretty similar to the PRO-2000 in form. Full specs in our TX-2000 news article

tx2000 printer


28th No sign of any new printers from Canon at the Photoplus show in New York

The Pro-100 is being offered really cheaply in the US again. but that’s been regularly discounted for a while.

The PRO-1 and PRO-10 are getting on a bit, so perhaps one will get a revamp before the January shows? The PRO-1 could do with a bit of a redesign to its paper feed to eliminate the problem of large margins for fine art media (this was only partly addressed in a 2014 firmware update).

PIXMA PRO-1My PRO-1 review was back in 2012 – that’s long enough to work on something new…  (apart from the seemingly eternal iPF5100 )

One other area I’d also like to see some movement on is the page length limits – roll support on a 13″ printer can’t be that difficult (although it proved to be so on the otherwise superb PRO-1000

Both Epson and Canon have their annoyances for me – Canon seems to think that if you want roll paper (or just long prints) you’ll spring for a PRO-2000, whilst Epson stick with the Mk/Pk black ink swap until you get to the 64″ P20000


24th A new range of TS Pixma printers, but no sign of anything at 13″ width…


20th Canon announce the 60″ width PRO-9000

If you’re looking for a PRO-6000 review, see my PRO-2000 review and change any mention of 24″ to 60″ – they really are that similar ;-)

imagePROGRAF PRO-6000


8th Karen just got a new Canon Pixma MG3650 all-in-one for her office, so I thought I’d do a short MG3650 review


22nd New Mac drivers (and plugin) for the iPF8400 and MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) fix the problem of printing with colour adjustment turned off (using profiles from LR or Photoshop for example)

8/6400 info/drivers/plugin (driver V4.6) show this in the notes

  • [Ver.4.60]- Failure in colour correcting function was modified.
  • [Ver.4.50]- macOS Sierra (v10.12) has been added as a supported OS.
  • [Ver.4.40]- OS X El Capitan (v10.11) has been added as a supported OS.

8/6300 info/drivers/plugin are similarly updated.

There are no MacOS 10.12 driver for the older 6100/8100 printers, but there are new drivers for the iPF5100

21st I’ve written up notes about preparing the PRO-2000 for shipping, and potential ink use for the process if the printer needs tipping.

2016 October

17th I’ve a short note from Canon that answers a query I had about when the new large printers such as the PRO-2000 [Review] agitate their ink tanks. My old iPF8300 wakes up every so often to do this.

This isn’t needed for the new printers. Canon UK kindly sent me this info:

Agitation of PRO-Series (PRO-2000/PRO-4000)

In order to make the best of the performance of new LUCIA-PRO inks, the agitation of ink tank of PRO-Series has been improved compared to the previous imagePROGRAF series (iPF6400/iPF8400). As a result, PRO-Series can agitate the ink tank more effectively in a shorter period, and less frequency than before.

For the previous models, the agitation was required every so often even in sleep mode. On the other hand, PRO-Series has introduced the effective agitation technology, that enables “background agitation” during printing, or printer’s operation, so it requires far less agitation in the sleep mode than that of previous model.

Even if the printer remains OFF for several months, there would be no issues on quality of the printer. In this case, when it turns ON, an automatic agitation might take place during start-up, depending on the status of the printer. However, the time needed for the agitation can be less than previous models thanks to the improvement of the agitation method introduced into PRO-Series.

The improved agitation enables PRO-Series to supply print the head with stable LUCIA-PRO inks maintaining an even density at all times, and this results in more reliable print quality

All the above are not officially announced by Canon, and they are not guaranteed under all customer environments. However, we believe that we have improved many technologies which have been introduced into PRO-Series, and the accumulation of these enables our new printers to be more stable & reliable suitable for professional customers. The new agitation technology is one of them.

New firmware is available for several larger Canon printers. There are also driver updates for many printers for OS X10.11 compatibiity

US Large format
Europe large format

For the iPF6400

Modifications from Ver. 1.29 to Ver.1.35
1.Remote maintenance control is modified for security enhancement.
2.The eject cut disable when using “Canon Glossy Photo Paper HG (heavy weight).”
3.Network setting disable with Remote UI in French and Italian is modified.
4.The rare error that occurs at turning around in the unidirectional printing.

For the PRO-2000

Modifications from Ver.1.10 to Ver.1.14
1. Correction of the failure that occurs in direct printing in rare cases.
2. Correction of panel message that is displayed at paper feeding.
3. Correction of error lighting after installation in rare cases.
4. Correction of warning lighting error in printing in rare cases.
5. Correction of time difference in automatic registration adjustment by paper size.
6. Correction of inappropriate detection of remaining ink level at the start of the printing.
7. The control of waste ink has been improved.


20th If you use some Canon software (especially printer drivers) and Macs, think carfully about updating to MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) for the time being.

Canon have published info about software incompatibilities

17th Canon new wide format printer technology

Canon press release:

MELVILLE, N.Y., September 14, 2016 – Canon U.S.A., Inc. today announced its new UVgel printing technology. This unique technology will soon be featured in a new line of roll-to-roll printers that will offer large format print providers an unprecedented combination of productivity, image quality, application range, automation and low cost of operation.

“We are very excited to show this revolutionary new game-changing technology at SGIA,” said Toyotsugu Kuwamura, executive vice president and general manager, Business Imaging Solutions Group, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “This new technology will power an upcoming generation of roll-to-roll printers that will help our customers increase their print production efficiency while lowering their operating costs, enabling them to profitably grow their business.”

Key elements and benefits of the UVgel technology:

A radically new UV curable ink from Canon that instantly gels on contact with the media, resulting in precise dot placement and area control for consistent high-quality images at high speed
The large color gamut of solvent inks combined with the environmental benefits and safety profile of latex and UV inks
Ultra-thin ink dispersion with almost no discernible physical profile and the lowest ink consumption rate can provide up to a 40 percent reduction in printing costs compared to eco-solvent and latex
These features all result in cost-effective, non-toxic, durable, color fast, high-quality prints for almost any flexible media application.

This amazing new UVgel technology incorporates several new hardware technology developments from Canon:

Advanced, “next generation” piezoelectric printhead technology employing patented acoustic sampling technology that monitors nozzle performance on-the-fly during printing
A unique LED UV curing sub-system that operates completely independently from the printing system ensuring identical jetting to curing timing for every droplet for unprecedented uniformity across the printed image
An LED-based UV system that cures without adding any heat to the media whatsoever, making it easy to print on the thinnest, most heat-sensitive flexible media
Continuous, on-the-fly, nozzle performance compensation facilitates confident unattended printing and reduced print waste
Canon’s new UVgel printing technology will be at the core of a family of new roll-to-roll printing products, the first of which will be a high productivity 64 inch roll-to-roll printer to be released in the Spring of 2017. The significant investment in this new technology demonstrates Canon’s continued commitment to be a leader in digital graphics markets. Canon has already proven itself to be a leader in the UV flatbed market with its highly awarded, market leading Océ Arizona series of flatbed printers.

Canon will be showcasing this new UVgel technology in its booth (#1536) at the 2016 SGIA Expo, September 14-16 in Las Vegas.

9th PRO-1000 Firmware V2
– “Head Replacement” menu is added on the operation panel menu.
– Some small failures are modified.


7th Keith’s lengthy Canon PRO-2000 printer review is published.
There is also an article covering the entire process of Canon PRO-2000 installation, setup and configuration


10th A page length increase is included with the latest PRO-1000 firmware.
“Feature: (1.1): ROM: The maximum printable height of custom paper size will be lengthened to 25.5-inch (647.70mm) with specifying in the printer driver.”
I don’t have the PRO-1000 here any more so have not verified the detail.
The actual version is, I’m told, V1.11 and you need to update drivers as well (to have the size available)


24th We’ve a PRO-2000 here – any questions, please ask?
16th We’re told that a PRO-2000 will be here next week…


25th PRO-2000 turns up for review, but won’t fit though our doors – now waiting for one without ink that can be tipped on end :-(

Canon PRO-2000

15th We’ve a rather long review of the Canon PRO-1000 printer, and will in a few weeks have a PRO-2000 here to look at.


7th A Canon PRO-1000 printer has just turned up for a review – any questions? feel free to email me…

2016 March

8th US announcement from Canon [full details], includes pricing info:
“These imagePROGRAF PRO models are expected to be available in late spring of 2016.
The imagePROGRAF PRO-4000 is available for an MSRP of $5,995 or $6,995 with the addition of the optional Multifunction Roll System.
The imagePROGRAF PRO-2000 is available for an MSRP of $2,995, or $3,795 with the optional Multifunction Roll System.
The imagePROGRAF PRO-6000S comes standard with the Multifunction Roll System at a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $9,995. The imagePROGRAF PRO-4000S is available for an MSRP of $4,995, or $5,995 with the optional Multifunction Roll System.
The previously announced PRO-1000 is available for an MSRP of $1,299.99.”

4th Canon announce a new range of large format printers.
The 24″ PRO-2000 and 44″ PRO-4000 [full details] replace the iPF x400 range.
Not available until mid-year, I should have a full review when one is available to look at.
The green ink of the current models is swapped for a chroma optimiser, and the dual PF-05 heads are swapped for a single PF-10

PRO-2000 24" printer

3rd Could we see Canon’s range of new large format printers announced next week?
Canon has a history of poor coordination of releases around the world, so they could pop up anywhere.
I’m told that once again the iPF5100 is not yet for any makeover.
Meanwhile, Canon UK have said that they will ‘soon’ be sending a PRO-1000 for a review…


16th Product advisory for the PRO-1000. Canon
If your serial number starts AEGL, then it’s possible there will be an ink leak.

“We have determined that some imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 printers may experience ink leakage.
This announcement conveys Canon’s service policy for affected printers. We offer our sincerest apologies to any customers who have been inconvenienced.


In rare instances, ink may leak from inside the printer to the outside of the printer through an opening on the bottom.

Affected units

imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 units starting with serial number prefix AEGL. Example: AEGL01234
The serial number can be found on the back of printer.”

1st Quite a few reports about the PRO-1000 from the US, great printer, but with a potentially limiting maximum page length

2015 December

18th Canon has a glossy brochure about the PRO-1000 –

Largely content free at the moment I’m afraid – I’m looking forward to giving the printer one of our in-depth reviews, but don’t have an ETA yet :-(


19th I’m told (thanks) that any possible iPF5100 replacement is ‘a long way off’ and definitely not a 2016 product to appear with any other updates.

It looks that if you want an updated iPF printer with roll paper then it’s 24″ or bigger. The 5100 has missed several other updates to the large format range, so this doesn’t surprise me. 

9th In some comments received, primarily about a ‘pro’ EOS-M (mirrorless) camera, it’s mentioned that photokina next year will see a full range of new large format printers (see below) that will finally include an update for the 17″ iPF5100.

This is not the same as the recently announced Pro-1000, but a true 17″ roll paper large format printer.

Looking at the printers shown below, I’d expect to see something a bit sooner than Photokina (September)


21st The Canon Pro1000 17″ desktop printer is announced in the US.

Full information on our Canon Pro1000 information page.

14th Still no signs of the new printers, but a series of photos of the whole range appears – taken at the recent expo.

See larger photos and description at PhotographBay.

No specifications available for the printers other than being 12 ink

canon pro 60" printer

  • 60 inch

canon pro 44" printer 1

44 inch

canon pro 44" printer 2

44 inch

canon pro 24" printer

24 inch


15th Comments from the Canon Expo hint at more printers coming from Canon

How about this for the 17″ iPF PRO-1000 (pic via IR]

canon 17 inch desktop printer

2015 September

3rd Some possible printer news? There’s talk [CR] of updates for the Pixma line being announced in October, including something in the PIXMA range at 17″ (the only Canon 17″ printer is the iPF5100, and that’s getting on a bit).
I note too that the Canon iPFx400 range is again seeing appreciable discounting, perhaps a sign of something from Canon to go up against the larger SureColor printers we’re likely to see from Epson, but I’d not expect to see the follow on to the iPFx400 range shipping until well into next year. A UK large format dealer is offering trade-in deals for x400 printers up until December 31st, suggesting no new large format printer announcements this year.
I’m hoping that any follow up to the [Oct 2011] PRO-1 improves issues with margins on fine art papers and the rather small maximum page length.
Any 17″ desktop printer from Canon will have to be pretty good to go up against the Epson SC-P800


18th No signs of any large format printers, although the PRO range of desktop printers have been selling with hefty discounts in the US.
A new range of small Pixma printers is announced by Canon in the US (Canon Press Info)


10th Looking for a bigger printer? – The iPF5100 is currently down to just over £1000 [DPSB]
4th The Canon PRO-10 and PRO-100 get a refresh, becoming the PRO-10S and PRO-100S
Here’s the Australian press info:

Sydney, Australia, 4 February 2015 – The new PIXMA PRO-100S and PIXMA PRO-10S replace Canon’s existing PRO-100 and PRO-10 printers retrospectively and deliver a whole host of connectivity options to allow you to easily print and bring your creations to life in stunning detail.
Ideal for professional photographers, the new PIXMA PRO’s are not only equipped with enhanced solutions and abilities but also offers high image quality printing for the professional photographer.
The PIXMA PRO-100S uses 8 dye-based inks to produce vibrant, high quality prints up to A3+ in size at fast speeds. The PIXMA PRO-10S meanwhile, features a pigment ink system using 10 individual colour inks, complete with Chroma Optimiser, for stunning quality prints with high black density and increased longevity.
Canon’s latest PIXMA PRO printers also allow you to connect and print with ease. Whether you need to print from cloud storage services such as DropBox, Flickr, Facebook, Google Drive and One Drive, direct from Canon’s PIXMA Cloud Link, or set up to print via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, PictBridge or via mobiles or tablets, the choice is yours.
PIXMA PRO-100S and PIXMA PRO-10S are also compatible with Canon’s new Pro Gallery Print app, which allows you to connect to cloud photo and video hosting services Zenfolio and SmugMug from your tablet, so that you can print your work in exceptional quality and ensure they are showcased in all their magnitude.
PIXMA PRO-100s and PIXMA PRO-10s key features:
– Exceptional quality colour & monochrome prints
– Simplified workflow & professional colour control
– Print speeds to enhance your productivity
The PIXMA PRO-100s and PIXMA PRO-10s are available nationwide now.

Looks mainly to be refresh of communications options, rather than addressing any physical issues (did I hear someone in the cheap seats mention margins and page length? ;-)


22nd Canon launch some new iPF printers (Canon Press Info)

“MELVILLE, N.Y., January 22, 2015 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, announced three new affordable large format printers and a newly enhanced Canon Alliance Partner Program (CAPP). The 24-inch imagePROGRAF iPF670, the 36-inch imagePROGRAF iPF770 printers, and the imagePROGRAF iPF770 MFP M40 Scan-to Print/File/Share System provides cost-effective solutions for low-volume, on-demand print environments. These models support a variety of applications including: posters, presentations, technical documents, drawings, company announcements, and enlargements.
Ideal for a variety of industries including architecture, engineering and construction, education, offices and small retail, the iPF670 and iPF770 printers offer advanced technology to assist small businesses in maximizing the return on their investment. Economy Print Mode, auto-rotation and nesting, help reduce total cost of operation by minimizing media waste and maintenance. Additionally, Accounting Manager,* software to assist businesses monitor costs and allocate consumable expenses, comes standard and allows management to track print jobs by user to calculate ink and media costs.”

Note that these use the older PF-04 print head, rather than the PF-05 used in the iPF8300 we have here. I’m hoping that the follow-up to the current iPFx400 printers may see a new head design and a bit more change than we saw in the x300 to x400 model release cycle (both excellent printers, but the x400 was nowhere near enough of an advance for us to replace our 8300.

2014 November

12th FYI … There is a free Canon printing event in London – Fri. 21st Nov.
Morning / afternoon sessions – “Digital Photo Solutions are delighted to be hosting a print and imaging event at Canon’s Central London showroom, dedicated to getting the best from your photographic and print workflow.”


21st Canon UK have a series of Cashback offers on large format printers
8 Colour Photo
iPF6400S 24 inch pigment printer including printer stand ST-28 – Cash back value – £125.00
iPF8400S 44 inch pigment printer including printer stand ST-43 – Cash back value – £450.00
iPF9400S 60 inch pigment printer including printer stand – Cash back value – £800.00
12 Colour Photo
iPF6400 24 inch pigment printer including printer stand ST-28 – Cash back value – £150
iPF8400 44 inch pigment printer including printer stand ST-43 – Cash back value – £450.00
iPF9400 60 inch pigment printer including printer stand – Cash back value – £800.00
You can check for UK dealers offering this via Canon UK

If you’ve thought about dabbling in large format printing – it’s great – see my 6400 review for more (I still have an iPF8300 for our work). However, if you’re unfamiliar with such printers, do have a quick look at some of the questions you need to ask about owning a large format printer.

18th Some time ago I reviewed the Canon PRO-1 printer. Very good, but with some features that would be a real annoyance to me. Canon have released a firmware update, that increases print area, canvas support and ink level detection.
The details are not clear, but it does not seem to completely remove the restrictions on top and bottom margins for fine art papers or change the maximum print length.


29th Despite it breaking, I was able to get the PRO-100 reviewed
There have been some almost giveaway deals for the PRO-100 in the US recently (assorted rebate/cash/multibuys) which have led to many wondering if it is up for renewal soon? (it’s only a couple of years old though)
Also suggested is a 17″ printer in the PRO line, something that would replace the rather old iPF5100 – a solidly built 17″ printer that obviously wasn’t firmly enough in the marketing objectives for the Canon large format print division to make a 5200/5300/5400 – maybe a 5500?
Remember that fine art print users and photgraphers are more in the peripheral vision of ‘big print’. The PRO line is from Canon’s consumer imaging division, and it really is sometimes like two different companies ;-)
1st In the US, Canon adds “six new models in its imagePROGRAF lineup: four new five-color, large-format inkjet printers – the 36-inch iPF785 and iPF780 models, and the 24-inch iPF685 and iPF680 models – and two new large-format imaging systems – the iPF785 MFP M40 and iPF780 MFP M40.”
Note that these are the same as announced in Europe in April.


20th We’ve a Canon PRO-100 here for testing


26th After a lot of testing, I’ve produced a new updated version of our free black and white printer test image.
23rd A new range of 5 colour imagePROGRAF printers are on their way
The seven new models comprise two 5-colour, 610mm (24”) devices – the imagePROGRAF iPF680/iPF685 – and two 5-colour, 914mm (36”) devices – the imagePROGRAF iPF780/iPF785 – together with two new MFP solutions, the imagePROGRAF iPF780 MFP and iPF785 MFP.
More info at Canon


22nd In what seems to be an excellent deal, the Canon PRO-100 is effectively available for $40 at Adorama (there is a $300 mail in rebate – add to basket to see an extra $48 reduction) [Adorama
Canon PRO-100
They even throw in 50 sheets of Canon SG-201 Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss, 13×19

Do check the Ts&Cs, I believe it only runs to the end of the month.


26th I hear that if you visit the Canon Stand at ‘The Photography Show’ there will be a prize draw for a brand new iPF6400 24″ width printer, but you need to find the large format print people, not the camera guys.
22nd Three new articles:

– So, you want to get a large format printer? – some issues to consider
– Changing a printhead on the Canon iPF8300 (PF-05)
– Cleaning a Canon large format printheead

20th Replacements already for the PRO-1, 10 and 100?
A suggestion at [CR] that they are soon for replacement. Perhaps Canon will fix the paper handling and margin issues that would be a deal-breaker for me, with any of these otherwise excellent printers.
The PRO-1 was announced in October 2011, PRO-10 in Sept 2012.
I note comments of the Pixma-PRO printers being on a 3 year refresh, so I’d have thought that the replacement for just the PRO-1 might be for Photokina?
Could it finally be time for Canon to bring out something new at 17″ wide? …or has the nifty iPF5100 [review] once again fallen through the cracks between the imaging and large format print divisions of Canon?
15th I note a site selling printer service manuals and spare parts for a wide range of printers [SDTSMN]


21st Canon announce a range of office/home pixma printers.
perhaps most relevant for photographers would be:

PIXMA iP8750: (avail. February 2014 with an SRP of £349.99/€429.99)
A3+ photo printer
Six single ink tanks inc. grey ink
Photo-lab quality
XL cartridge options
Direct Disc Print

2013 December

24th The x400 range of printers was announced in August 2012, with the x300 range in February 2010, and the x100 range in July 2007. [Note Canon announcement/ship dates in the past have varied widely around the world]
That makes it quite possible that we’ll see an updated x500 range towards the end of 2014 or early 2015 (whatever happens I don’t expect to get to see one until well into 2015)
Who knows, maybe Canon will get serious about the 17″ market? The iPF5100 is a good printer (5100 review) but how many update cycles are they going to skip? Maybe they think that if HP can still sell the z3200, they have years left…

My own view is that until Canon decide to actually think of their range of printers as a whole spectrum from small to huge, that the 5100 will sit very obviously at the border of two very different business units in the company, and Canon will cede the 17″ desktop printer market to Epson. I use Canon large format, but still tell people to get an Epson 3880 several times a month…


14th In what seems a rather extreme price cut, I note that the Canon PRO-100 is just $99 after a mail in rebate at B&H [full rebate details]


28th Changing the maintenance cart on our iPF8300 gives an opportunity to assess ink usage for cleaning and setup for the printer. Do note theses are figures for a relatively lightly used printer.
23rd A collection of reviews, based on all our testing of the iPF6450
Canon iPF 6400 / 6450 review
Canon SU-21 spectrophotometer – review
Paper review: Hahnemuhle Albrecht Durer 210gsm
Paper review: Innova IFA 23 ‘Decor’ Textured 245gsm
Paper review: Innova IFA39 FibaPrint matte 280gsm
Paper review: Hahnemuhle Photo Rag bright white 310gsm


31st Setting up the SU-21 spectrophotometer on the iPF6450 Fitting the optional SU 21 spectrophotometer unit on a Canon iPF6450 24″ printer.
6th Our 6450 turns up in kit form – I’ve written a short guide to setting up the 6400/6450, if you get one delivered this way.
1st We should have an iPF6450 here very soon for a review.


12th Full PRO-10 review

2013 March

19th We have a PRO-10 printer for review – if anyone has any questions, please mail me directly?
15th We should have a Canon PRO-10 here before long for a review. Having reviewed the old 9500 II and more recently the PRO-1, I’m curious to see the differences.
With small Canon printers, it is possible to disable the ink warnings, for refilled cartridges – something to use with care – details at Inkbank
5th On a visit to the UK Focus show I had a look at several of the newer Canon Printers (which Canon still say they’ll send for reveiws before too long…)
The most obvious change in the 6300->6400 is the much bigger ink capacity.
Compare this with the iPF6300 I’m standing next to, further down the page, on the right.

iPF6400 with larger ink capacity than iPF6300

The 6450 also has an add-on spectrophotometer unit – this looks huge, and will certainly win no styling awards.
From a printing point of view the ink set is the same and paper thickness detection has been improved. Although I need to test one out to say for sure, it’s probably not an upgrade to go for, if you are happy with your 6300 (or 6100 for that matter)

2012 November

22nd One of our longer ones – the full PRO-1 review
3rd Canon UK have sent us a Pro-1 to review.
Please feel free to ask questions directly, or via the blog.


22nd Printer press info for Pro-100 and Pro-10
(Canon UK) PDF files:  Pro 10 specs | Pro 100 specs

Canon pro 10 and canon pro 100 inkjet printers

19th – still not announced in the UK? Canon Info:
Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Key Features

Stunning photos up to A3+ at home
Rich colours with 8-ink dye-based system
Quality greyscale prints with 3 mono inks
Fast printing: A3+ colour photo in 1min 30sec (bordered)
Print Studio Pro plug-in for efficient workflow
Wide range of ICC profiles
Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
Tablet & Smartphone ready
Direct Disc Print

Canon PIXMA PRO-10 Key Features

Gallery-quality A3+ photo printer
10-ink system
Quality greyscale prints with 3 mono inks
Professional colour and mono prints
Chroma Optimizer
Outstanding image permanence
Print Studio Pro plug-in for efficient workflow
Wide range of ICC profiles
Enhanced connectivity with Wi-Fi and Ethernet
Tablet & Smartphone ready
Direct Disc Print

17th Two new printers to replace the 9000 and 9500 II
Pixma Pro-100 [Canon]

8 colour dye based ink ($500)

Pixma Pro-10 [Canon]

10 colour pigment ink ($700)

15th The new printers are announced in the US (but seemingly not here in the UK)
It’s already listed at B&H if you’re curious.
More details on the 6400/8400/9400 page
13th No 8400 details yet, but if you can get through the various trade-in/rebate hoops, then Atlex in the US are offering an iPF8300 at $2000
5th New A3+ printers to replace the 9000 and 9500 are suggested, but still no sign of anything at 17″ [CR]

2012 August

25th September the 12th is suggested as an announcement date for new printers from Canon.
The lack of a 5100 replacement in the list of LF printers suggests that we may see a 17″ version of the Pro-1.
Canon announce iPFx400 printer range in Japan.

This isn’t the first time they’ve been unable to coordinate a worldwide release ;-)

iPF8400 printer

12th Printers, but not quite the size we were looking for…
Canon announces Pixma MP230, MG2250, MG3250 and MG4250 [PB]
4th It’s pointed out that the new 8400 shares a name with the old W8400, but that printer has been retired quite some time.
2nd Suggestions that the new large format printers could be announced next week [CR]


19th An iPF6400 and iPF8400 would seem to be on he way – perhaps the launch will be a bit better synchronised around the world this time (for the 6300/8300, we had published info from Japan and then the US, long before it was officially mentioned in the UK)
11th Well – it seems that we -will- be seeing updates announced for the 24″ iPF6300 and 44″ iPF8300 in time for Photokina. Where this leaves the 17″ 5100, I’m not sure, but info does seem to be starting to surface.

(as ever, all hints greatfully received ;-)

10th There’s a new ‘bridge’ printer on its way, which should be avaialble in the Autumn. Expect an announcement before Photokina, though perhaps not at the upcoming Canon launch event on the 23rd.

BTW that’s ‘Bridge’ as is a link between the small and large format printers – looks like the elderly iPF5100 at 17″ width is the place for it to fit? Have Canon finally noticed the amount of SP3880 17″ printers that Epson sells? (the excellent SP3880 has been seen below £900 in the UK) Or will we see something aimed much more at the SP4900 end of the market?


28th Canon earnings results discussion [SA] amongst it all is this on ‘high end’ printing:

“As such, we have seen strong sales and our market shares has improved in high-end segment. Thanks to the recoveries, we realize in production. We work to expand sales from the second quarter, launching new high quality product with enhanced usability.”

Given that Canon’s only 17″ printer is the none to recent (but still useful) iPF5100, I look forward to seeing Canon’s take on ‘improved usability’ – as long as it’s not just improved use of the direct print button, then customers outside of Japan may well show some interest ;-)


10th A suggestion that the Canon iPF5100 will not be replaced until later this year with the next in the PRO range. Canon are not at the FESPA show later this month.
8th The Canon Pro-1 is in short supply in the UK, but we hope to get hold of one for a review during the next month or two. [July – still waiting!]

2011 December

28th We’re expecting to see built in spectrophotometers appear as an option in an upcoming refresh of Canon’s large format printer range.
Not sure if we’ll see an x400 range, or if following history, we get x500 announcements of an iPF6500 and iPF8500. Perhaps this time an iPF5500 and iPF9500 will follow?
The new 12 ink PRO-1 loses green and blue inks to gain one more grey and a gloss optimiser ‘overcoat’ clear ‘ink’ are these just for consumer printers or are we about to see the the numbers of inks in Large Format printers jump from 12 to 14?
We’ve also had a suggestion of a 17″ model of the Pixma PRO-1 to directly compete with the Epson 3880 and its mooted successor.
27th We’ve a full review of the iPF5100 17″ printer


16th The Canon iPF5100 is available from UK accredited LF dealers for under £1000 (exc VAT), but you need to ask for the deal.

2011 October

27th More updates to our Pixma Pro-1 page
24th Canon launch the:

“PIXMA Pro series model, the PIXMA PRO-1, which is the world’s first A3+ printer to feature 12 separate inks. Featuring an EOS-inspired design, the stylish model produces the highest possible print quality in colour and monochrome, and is ideal for professional and serious amateur photographers. Exceptional levels of productivity make it suitable for studio use and commercial exhibitions. ”

PIXMA PRO-1 – key features:
12-ink system with wide colour gamut
Chroma Optimizer for uniform glossiness and crisp, sharp blacks
Optimum Image Generating system enhances colour reproduction
Black and white prints with 5 monochrome inks
New LUCIA pigment inks ensure photo permanence
Create a gallery-quality A3+ photo in approx. 2 minutes 55 sec
High capacity ink tanks
Wide range of media support including 356mm (14”) wide and thick media
Easy-PhotoPrint Pro plug-in

Available in November ~£800

We hope to have a full review before too long.


28th The sighting of a Pixma and EOS logo on an invite for an event on the 26th has fuelled speculation that an A3+ Pixma Pro printer is to be announced.
No signs of anything bigger…
23rd There have been suggestions of a Canon announcement today – could it be printer related? [PR]
Meanwhile, more signs of Pixma Pro printers [CR]
12 inks are suggested, including a clear coat – presumably a form of gloss optimiser.
This looks like an update for the 9000 and 9500 II range, or maybe an extension to it, such as the Epson R3000 not being a replacement for the R2880.

I’m hoping that Canon have the will to take on Epson in the A2 printer market – with the print technology in my iPF8300, I can’t see any reason not to shoot at this target, apart from corporate limitations (The LF printers come from a different part of Canon to cameras and the consumer printers)


29th It seems that there were two new printers announced by Canon US the other day – very much consumer oriented though, so I’m still waiting
28th In the UK Canon are announcing a CPS exclusive £100 cashback scheme , along with a scheme where you can get 3 free A3+ test prints from Canon Pro dealers, from the 9000mk2 or 9500mk2

“Simply purchase your PIXMA professional photo printer between the 28th July 2011 and 30th September and send your original receipt or valid proof of purchase before the 31st October 2011 with a completed Claim Form to the address shown and in return we’ll send you a cheque for £100”

More signs of an impending Canon printer update? (12 colour) [CR]
Looking at the Canon range, down from the iPF8300 we have here, there is a distinct gap in the mid range. The iPF6100 (24″) was updated to the iPF6300, but the 17″ iPF5100 didn’t get the x300 makeover.
There is no other 17″ offering, and nothing to really match the Epson 3880.
27th Canon are announcing an additional rebate scheme in the US, when purchased with a qualifying DSLR
22nd There are also new rumours that the replacements for the A3 printers are not far off, not unlikely if you compare what Epson are offering in top end A3+ at the moment.

We currently have an Epson R3000 here for review, and it does perhaps show the relative age of the 9500 II that we tested last year – a printer that was announced in March 2009.
That said, the 9500 II is still a very worthwhile printer


15th If you’re looking for a LF printer in the US, there is an $1800 US rebate – up to June 30th 2011

2011 February

18th In the US, Canon announce 8 colour versions of the 6300 and 8300 – iPF8300S and iPF6300S info
2nd Is it time at last to see the iPF5100 updated to the iPF5300?
The 5100 is looking increasingly out of place compared to the newer x300 printers and and announcement could come in the next week or so in time for the CP+ show (9th-12th Feb).
One reason we might not see it at this show is that it traditionally fits into the Canon LF print business, rather than part of the Pixma range. Is it time for Canon to bring out a 12 ink competitor to the Epson 3880 – a printer with a market segment all to itself?
We’ve had suggestions that this was due, but never any details – also suggested at [CR]


November – Nov 2010 -Jan 2011 UK cashback offer
10th We get our Canon iPF8300 printer.
March Canon Pixma Pro9500 Mk II review A3+ 10 ink printer from Canon.

ink cartridge access Canon 9500 mk2